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This item will be released on March 4, 2021.

The watch and motion sensor were co-developed by Casio and Asics, and they offer new and advanced running features beyond those of previous G-Shock models. The 37-gram (44-gram with body cover) CMT-S20R-AS motion sensor is equipped with a 9-axis sensor for measuring 20 types of running form indicators and GPS for measuring distance and pace. Some of the form indicators include core angle, pelvic rotation, and ground impact. The sensor connects to the watch or a smartphone via Bluetooth, and running measurements, pace data, and form data are viewable on the watch in real time. The form alert function notifies the runner of form irregularities, and the pace guide helps to achieve time-based goals. The motion sensor has an integrated clip and is IPX7 water resistance, and the rechargeable battery lasts about 20 hours.

The GSR-H1000AS watch features an optical heart rate monitor and can measure VO2 max, which is useful for endurance training. Other features include shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, MIP LCD display, 3-axis accelerometer for step counting, GPS, Bluetooth, soft urethane band, vibration alerts, smartphone notification mode (for calls, email, and messaging, not displayed during running measurement), USB charging, and automatic time adjustment through a smartphone or GPS.

The GSR-H1000AS watch and CMT-S20R-AS motion sensor will work with the free Runmetrix smartphone app (coming January 27 on the Apple App Store and Google Play), which is described as a “personal coaching service.” Features of the app include form and pace analysis, personal coaching, and a training log. The training log includes session information and statistics aggregated by week, month, and year. The personal coaching includes instructions and videos on how to improve form (including exercise programs with stretching and muscle training) and automatic training plans to help reach individual goals, ranging from improved fitness, faster running times, and endurance strengthening for distance. In the mapped route display, the running pace and running index data can be viewed at 1-kilometer intervals along the route. The watch and motion sensor can record the route on their own (individually), and the mapped route can be viewed later on the smartphone app.

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