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This model, which comes with a replaceable bezel and band, incorporates a carbon core guard structure into the square G-SHOCK 5600 Series. The 5600 Series has continued to evolve in terms of toughness since its original appearance in 1983.
The case is made of lightweight and highly rigid carbon fiber reinforced resin. The impact resistance of the case has been enhanced, which makes it possible to allow the user to attach and detach the band and bezel. A slide lever type band mechanism allows easy removal and replacement of the band. Since the innovative new bezel of this model secures to the watch by inner hooks without screws, the bezel can also be detached and re-attache as required. The inner case sports a SHOCK RESIST logo that is visible only when the bezel is removed.
On the design side, the dial printing is a camouflage pattern in the image of the circuit board used in the 5600 Series. The number 3229, which is the module number, is engraved on the matte black band, and the band has a distinctive design that matches that of the bezel. The camouflage pattern is printed on the matte semitransparent dark green on the replacement band and the replacement bezel, creating a powerful and innovative G-SHOCK design. Also, another cloth replacement band is included, which uses phosphorescent reflective for camouflage pattern printing, for a total of three bands and two bezels.

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