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With the brand concept of “Elegance, Technology”, OCEANUS Manta pursues a high-quality finish and a thin and beautiful form. The bezel uses thick sapphire glass with 24 faceted cuts. Based on blue-black gradation vapor deposition, vapor deposition and sputtering processing are complicatedly applied multiple times so that you can enjoy beautiful blue with a transparent feeling from all angles. In addition, a jet-black mirror dial is used to improve visibility. The hour and minute hands are three-sided cut hands with a trapezoidal cross section, with hairlines on the top, mirror finish on both side slopes, and titanium carbide on the case and band, which is characterized by the brilliance of silver. In terms of functionality, in addition to the time adjustment function of the watch itself using the radio wave reception function, it is equipped with a time adjustment function using a smartphone link using Bluetooth®. You can set the world time from about 300 cities and automatically respond to changes in the time zone and daylight saving time. It is a high-quality OCEANUS manta ray that has both functionality and design. * OCW-S6000 is the thinnest OCEANUS men’s model (as of September 2021).

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